Meta MYFO: Losing an Editor, Gaining a Contributor

Hey gang. We wanted to announce this after last night’s live blog so the Original Gang of Five could finish on a high note.

This will be my last day as an editor for Melt Your Face-Off.

Unfortunately, my work schedule has escalated to the point where my lack of contribution is visible even among our casual readers. Rather than allowing the blog to suffer by an absentee Editor, I’m voluntarily giving up my place and becoming a Contributor. I may or may not be back next season, depending on whether the Lightning decide to field a competitive team again.

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Other Rule Changes Can Wait: No-Touch Icing Needs To Be Adopted By The NHL

Pretty ugly, wouldn’t you say? The worst part of it all is it could have been so easily avoided – if the NHL would just go to no-touch icing.

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