MYFO Fantasy Playoff Pool

Welcome to the beginning of a busy week here at MYFO. To kick things off first thing on a Monday, we’re opening up the MYFO Fantasy Playoff Pool. Here you can match fantasy teams of playoff players against your favorite MYFO Commenters and Editors. After the jump are rules, instructions, and other nifty things.

  1. Go to The Sporting News’ Hockey Website.
  2. Create a username and a team
  3. Join the group named “Melt Your Face Off” with password “ovietime”
  4. You’ll have 30,000,000 to pick 1 Center, 2 Wingers, 2 Defensemen, 1 Flex Player, and 1 Goalie
  5. The winner of the pool will get whatever nifty free stuff we can drudge up.

Fill up your team, and good luck! Here is the scoring system:


How does the scoring system work?

The object of the game is to score the most Sporting News Points (TSNP) over the course of the season.

Statistic TSNP
Goal +25
Assist +25
Hat Trick +30
Power Play Goal +10
Short-Handed Goal +20
Game-Winning Goal +20
Overtime Goal +5
Penalty Minute (PIM) +3
Plus/Minus Rating +/-10
Shots On Goal +2
Hits +2
Goalie Statistics
Statistic TSNP
Win +50
Save +2
Goal Allowed -15
Shutout +50
Goal Scored +25
Assists +25
Penalty Minute (PIM) -3
When you buy a player, you do not receive the TSNP he scored previous to his being on your team. You only receive TSNP for each day he plays while he’s on your team, if he was on your roster at the time of that day’s Roster Freeze. Why didn’t I score any points yesterday?

Your team scores you TSNP for each day as long as your roster is full (you have 7 players) by that day’s Roster Freeze deadline. This bears repeating, as it is the most common question we get from our members:

Your roster MUST be full by a given day’s Roster Freeze deadline, or you will receive NO points for that day for ANY of your players.



  1. Ok, I’m in. Claws and Teeth, don’t fail me like you do every time…

  2. Why is the group and or password not Cock Knockers?

  3. ok, I’m in (John LeClair’s Beer Pong Table). Basement cleaning, here I come!

  4. way to pick a site who’s game logs stop at 2/25 for everyone. WTF?

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