MYFO Completely Biased Playoff Preview: Penguins v. Senators

Hockey Jesus

Break out the Holy Water. This could get ugly.

Hockey Jesus has descended, my friends. Last year, he lead his fresh-faced disciples against a rough-and-tumble Sens team that bitch-slapped them out of the playoffs. Now, he leads a team packed with two goalies who can stand on their head (when they want to), a MVP candidate on his left, and a hired gun on his right. They’re set to go after a Sens team that had the floor drop out from underneath them this year. Ray Emery’s fatass won’t be in goal to start the series tonight, although by the beginning of next season, that old joke of “Why not just put a sumo wrestler in as goalie?” will no longer be a joke.

This has the makings to be a movie-star playoff season for Crosby. He can start the first round by kicking out the team that beat him last year. He can have a second round match-up against Ovie-Time, and a potential third round matchup against either Hockey Herod or the Habs.

The Senators are down, but they’re not out. They’ll make this a series, but there’s very little that can stop The Anointed One from advancing. Pittsburgh in 6.



  1. I respectfully disagree, but I have no earthly justification for doing so. In fact, I’m actually out of my fucking mind. Might have something to do with the fact I’ve been drinking since Sunday afternoon.

    Yea…though I walk through the valley of the shadow…*sob*…

  2. Fucking Crosby. He is a constant reminder to what little I myself have accomplished in my twenty years. I want to be a deity!

  3. Hey wraparoundcurl, try being in your thirties. Cripes!

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