MYFO Completely Biased Playoff Preview: Rangers v. Devils

Oh, c’mon. Who did you think was going to be doing this preview?

I’m betting under 8 goals. Not for this game…for this series. The Rangers and Devils are two of the lowest scoring teams in the league, and in 8 games against each other, they’ve scored 29 times. Now, I’m not a math expert, but that’s something, like, .53 goals a game.

Brodeur is still a man’s man, sleeping with sisters-in-law and whatnot, and he’s the reason the Devils are in the playoffs once again. They have a couple good skill guys still around, and they have Zach Parise, who is a fantastic goal scorer. But this team lives and breathes with Marty B. Well, him and Aquanet and obnoxious accents.

The Rangers, with Jagr and Gomez, have some solid veteran leadership, but they need help from guys like Chris Drury if they’re going to survive the Devils over a seven game series. Lundqvist was phenomenal for them against the Devils during the season (which is more than I can say for his rat bastard brother), but they need a combination of that veteran leadership and Drury chipping in some goals if they want to move on. As far as locking down the Devils scoring machine, wouldn’t it be nice if the Rangers had some kind of nuisance pest player that could rattle guys and kick someone’s ass when he has to?

….oh, wait!

Rangers in 6.



  1. In my mind the Devils are just like the Devil when he was on South Park for his Super Sweet 16.

  2. “An ACURA cake?? But I wanted a Ferrai cake!” One of my favorite episodes, to be sure.

  3. And then Manson, Dahmer and whathisnameicantspell show up for a mad cap adventure!

  4. I was trying to tell some people about this episode the other night, and they just stared blankly at me. I’m glad to see there are others who appreciate comedic genius. “Biggie Smalls, Biggie Smalls, Biggie Smalls…”

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