Jason Spezza has Reasonable Doubts

For Game 3 of the Pittsburgh-Ottawa series, center Jason Spezza is listed as “doubtful.”  If the Associated Press only knew how true this classification was.

I’m just not sure that playoff beards are the way to go, guys.  I mean, I understand that every Stanley Cup winner ends up with a team full of grizzled old mountain men, but I have a feeling it’s not for me.  There’s a lot of time to kill in between games, you know?  I just figured rather than flipping channels in this Pittsburgh hotel room, I could be, you know, shaving.  Is that a crime?

People are saying that we’ve got a real shot on home ice to get back into this series.  Right?  Personally, I’d say the evidence is inconclusive.  Coach was quoted as saying that “Uniforms matter, players don’t.”  Really, coach?  I mean, sure, everyone’s expected to play at their best, and their best can win us games.  But who would you rather have on a top line?  Me and the two Dans, or the We Love Matlock line of Donovan, Stillman, and Randy Robitaille?  Is Randy Robitaille even the name of a real hockey player?  I can’t say.  Never met the guy.

Color me a skeptic, but I’m not totally on board with Sidney Crosby as my Lord and Personal Savior.  I just kind of figured an all-powerful deity wouldn’t have to dive so much.

There’s been a lot written in the press about how I use video games to relax.  I couldn’t agree more.  In fact, you could say I am without a doubt.  HOWEVER, do you ever get that feeling that the game cheats.  I know, I know, a video game is a system of electronics and computer programming, and it can’t elect to cheat.  But I’ll tell you what – I’m on to them.  The other night I was playing EA Stampeding Argonauts 08 (it’s like Madden, but for Canucks), and I was in prime position to intercept an errant Cody Pickett pass, only to have a Common Loon swoop down and steal it from my hands.  Seems fishy, no?

And if you ask me, Michael Johns getting kicked off American Idol is one big conspiracy.  But I can’t blame them.  Little known fact: Canadians HATE Australians.

(Stick tap to Getty Images for the pic)



  1. Thank you, Debbie Downer.

  2. Doubting the doubter, ReasonableDoubt. Color me doubtful.

  3. “We love Matlock line”= awesome

    Such skepticism from a guy known as “Giggles” is pretty funny.

  4. also, I think Jason might be checking me out through the computer…and not in a good way

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