San Jose: FAIL

Seriously, San Jose? Three goals in the first three and a half minutes. Three goals on a world class exceptional okay professional goalie. And you shit the bed that much? You get beat by goddamn CuJo? No one in the whole damned world knew that CuJo was their backup. I checked. Even Flames fans were clueless. You better shape the fuck up, assholes.

What in the blue fuck are you guys trying to pull? Are you trying to take the Wed Rings spot as all-time playoff chokers? You’re going to job out after a 3-0 head start? All because Corey Sarich lit up your captain like a Christmas Tree?

Ha…Ha Ha….MUAHAHAHAHAHAH! God damn I love that hit.

So let’s review. A 31 year old goalie who has only had more than 2.75 GAA in his entire career, and that was five years ago when he played a whole 22 games, and you pimpslap him for three goals in three minutes. A 40 year old goalie who hasn’t been in the playoffs since before the lockout, and he stones your asses for the next 55 minutes.

All because Cory Sarich blew up your captain. You pussies.



  1. Dammit, San Jose. I want the flames to lose. Try harder next time.

  2. And that was the second blowup. Phaneuf mashed his noggin into the boards a few minutes before that.

    Marleau spent most of the rest of the game trying to squint away the double vision.

  3. great job on the Closer today, boyos!

  4. “Feeling down ‘n dirty, feeling kinda mean
    I’ve been from one to another extreme
    This time I had a good time, ain’t got time to wait
    I wanna stick around till I cant see straight

    Fill my eyes with that double vision, no disguise for that double vision
    Ooh, when it gets through to me, its always new to me
    My double vision gets the best of me”

  5. I re-read that CuJo bit this morning like 5 times before I believed it. Had to check it on multiple sources too.

    I echo LD – great to have you back on The Closer boys! (and I called it Friday) I like lettuce now.

  6. Not that I think about it more…maybe that’s why they blew goats last night. No one has done scouting on CuJo since the lockout. This was like a Mystery Man coming into goal. Maybe I can forgive–

    Nahhh, this fucker is 40 years old. They could have scored once. Screw the Sharks.

  7. 2.08 and I’m still waiting for an Avery piece….

  8. I have always thought of playoff time as Hockey Hanuka.

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