So, Uh, That Didn’t Go As Expected

Congratulations are in order for the Boston College Eagles, who convincingly took out the Notre Dame Fighting Irish 4-1 in the National Championship game in Denver on Saturday night. The Eagles, proving that the third time is indeed the charm, finally succeeded where they failed the past two seasons – losing to Wisconsin in 2006 and Michigan State last year.

So hats off Boston College Eagles on a job well done.

Now, moving on to more important matters, the results of MYFO’s First Ever Inaugural Annual Original NCAA Division I Men’s Hockey P(h)uck-Off Memorial Presented by Bellsouth*.

* not actually presented by Bellsouth

Congratulations, K. Murphy! You have won! Since he was the only person who correctly picked Boston College as the National Champion (only three entries had them in the National Championship), it was fairly obvious he was going end up the big winner. Final results are as follows:



K. Murphy

110 pts

G. Fabricant

75 pts


65 pts


60 pts

Owen Heart Fan Club

55 pts


55 pts


50 pts


50 pts


50 pts


45 pts


40 pts

Weed Against Speed

35 pts

Reasonable Doubt

35 pts

Sir Hotbod Handsomeface

35 pts

Rocco Russo

30 pts

White Speed Receiver

30 pts

Cinnamon Girl

30 pts

Amanda B. Wreckundwith

25 pts

Loser Domi

25 pts

So, here is how the prizes will be awarded:

1st Place: K. Murpy – he has the opportunity to write his own post for MYFO!

2nd Place: G. Fabricant – a MYFO Beer Stein!

3rd Place: Parker36 – a MYFO Coffee Mug!

4th Place: HabsFan29a MYFO T-Shirt!

5th Place: Owen Heart Fan Club – good job! Here’s a cookie!

To claim your prize, shoot us an e-mail with a mailing address. K. Murphy, all you have to do is write your post and e-mail that to us.

Many thanks to all who entered. We’ll see you next year!



  1. This was a brilliant contest.

    You win? You have to work.

  2. Good contest. I wish I had won something. Oh well, at least I beat Weed against Speed, Reasonable Doubt, and Loser Domi. Take that, pro/semi-pro hockey bloggers!

  3. Hex, it isn’t often someone off the streets gets to write a post for the 285th most popular sports blog. Unless, of course, they started their own blog. In that case, a new blog would probably generate more page views.

    So, what I’m saying is, nevermind, I guess.

  4. Boy, if I had been eligible to win, I still wouldn’t have.

    All right K. Murphy, if that is your real name. You better be funny as well as knowing about college hockey.

  5. HF29 points going in to the FF – 60
    HF29 points coming out of the FF – 60

    = proof I have no idea what I was doing

    With that said, the T-shirt is the best prize by a mile! Like all bloggers, I’d like an extra large please

  6. HabsFan29 – you and 15 other entries failed to earn a point in the Frozen Four. Looks like none of us had any idea what we were doing.

    The three that earned points? The top three finishers.

  7. Goddamn I suck. I should just name all my fantasy teams “Basement cleaners” from now on, just to be honest.

    @zorkon: I’m a semi/pro hockey blogger? that’s kinda news to me. I thought I was just some idiot drunk college kid who occasionally banged my knuckles on a keyboard

  8. So, how do i take delivery?

  9. Cooki girl: Bitch took my halloween costume.

  10. kick her ass, wraparound!

  11. What do I get for finishing in a tie with two of the editors?

  12. Dammit, all I wanted was a free beer stein. I win and now I have to write an essay? What kind of prize is that? I know hardly anything about college hockey. I even picked the wrong team to win…I thought my friend went to BC…he went to BU. Ooops! Go Isles!

  13. Murph, we can certainly get you that Beer Stein. We don’t want anyone to be unhappy. You were the winner so we’ll be happy to oblige. Just e-mail us where you want it to be sent and it is yours.

  14. […] ran a NCAA Frozen Four pool and when the dust settled, the Boston College Eagles and yours truly stood atop the pack. That should make up (a little) for my 19/20 finish in Mirtle’s Yahoo NHL league this season. […]

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