TWW: Versus does the Playoffs

Hello again, cats and kittens. The lovely ladies of Versus have asked us to put up a video advertising the playoffs for them. Since we’re suckers for anything in a skirt, we’re gladly obliging. Watch the video, click through, and watch the playoffs on Versus. If, yanno, it’s available from your cable company. Tonight, Versus has a double-header with Rangers/Devils Game 4 at 7 PM EDT and Red Wings/Predators Game 4 at 9 PM EDT.

They actually have double-headers every night for the rest of the week. So tune in. The HD cameras are getting better and better every week. Also, stay tuned to MYFO for the rest of the playoffs, as we’ve got a whole bunch more nifty stuff to roll out before the Cup is Hoisted in June.



  1. Vs. in HD is much better to watch than fuzzy CBC, but NHIC has such better announcing. That’s why I’ve instituted watching one game on Vs. w/ mute on, and another game on CBC w/ the sound on. Kind of weird at first but hey.

  2. Am I supposed the get the octopus?

  3. THe octoopus is an old detroit thing. You know it’s old because the 8 legs are supposed to stand for the 8 wins you needed to win the cup back when it started.

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