Carey Price: Child Prodigy

(I apologize in advance for this. Really.)

w00t!!! playoffs baby! ^^

omgz im so gettin laid 2nite. fo shizz. lolz

montreal iz so ballin. i can drink w/o da man botherin me. im da only goalie on da roster. da bitches be all up on me. dis playoffs shit isnt hard. no worse than hamilton last yr.

*Price puts up a shutout to put the Habs up 3-1 in the series*

awwwwwww yea boi! all these quebek bitches luv da price man. see that? no goals! shut out! roflz i r da r0\X/0rz

*Price makes a spectacular save at the end of the 1st period in Game 5*

XD lolgasm

*Price fails to clear the puck, giving Boston a free goal by Metropolit*


*Price lets in a shorthanded goal off a wrister from the face-off circle*


*Price lets in a goal that could just as easily been a pass*


…….mooooom! they keep shottin at meh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ill win it nex time–can i hav sum sunni d plz? kthxbai



  1. Old Man Murray (That’s Glen “Muzz” Murray, #27 for the Bruins) is yelling at that damn price kid to get off his lawn again. Damn kids, they got no manners up in Canada…

  2. I can haz pizza bites?

  3. Ovechgasm > lolgasm

  4. y/n?

  5. @ endwithstyle: You are totally brills. For sure, yes!

  6. @endwithstyle: between this and the raving refs, I adore you

  7. @endwithstyle:

    Seriously, what other tricks are up your sleeves and what other cards are you holding?

  8. @loser domi: Haha, I’ve come to adore your posts. You make lol between BMR and here, so I feel honored. :P

    @wraparoundcurl: I really don’t even know what cards I’m holding. I really just read the comments, and if it inspires me, I open Photoshop and go with the flow. :P

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