I’m Osgooder Than You

Well, well, well. Not so Domin-ating any more, are you? Oh, and coach? Where you been? You know, while I was busy winning us the President’s Trophy and Geezer McBeezer over there was nursing his lumbago and the rhuematiz. Have you ever been in the locker room when he and Chelios start comparing aches and pains? It’s like Easter dinner at grandma’s when she and Great Aunt Sally start talking about bunions and involuntary flatulence.

Why did it take until Game 5 to make this call?

Let’s look at the facts, Coach (bab)Cock.

League-leading 2.09 GAA? Check.

Better save percentage (.914 to .902)? Check.

Same number of wins this season? Check.

2 rings to 1? Check.

So he’s got a few dusty old Vezina trophies. I didn’t see those trophies making a save on Mighty Dan Hamhuis the other night. Or Greg “47 Career Goals” De Vries.

So, when I bail your ass out tonight, and go on to win this series, you gonna kick me to the curb again in Round 2 for this European has-been? Or do you like your job?


1 Comment

  1. “Chris’s Hockey School for kids who can’t read Os-good and want to do other stuff too”?

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