MYFO Meta: Welcome to the 500 Club

Well, folks, this post not only marks the end of our broadcasting day here at MYFO, but it’s also our 500th post. On July 11th, our first day in existence, we had 22 hits. Now, we’ve almost doubled that. In fact, we’re the 164th biggest sports blog on the intertubes.

We’d like to thank all of you for tuning in this week and making this week our Best Week Ever in terms of traffic. After the jump, some special thanks and a sneak preview of what we’ve got in store for you for the rest of April, and all of May and June as well.

We here at MYFO would like to thank the dutiful bloggers and commenters that check us daily, up to and including the Four Habs Fans, Senators Lost Cojones from Five For Smiting, Going Five Hole, Loser Domi, and wraparoundcurl. Those of you who don’t comment often and are lurkers, feel free to comment. We’re always happy to have feedback and drive conversation in the comments. Except Negro Observer. Fuck you, buddy.

We’d also like to thank the people at Versus and NHL Headquarters for not only sending us stuff to plug but also free stuff when we whore ourselves out for them.

Starting with the second round, you’re going to be seeing more cross-promotion between us and Deadspin as we preview the upcoming playoff series, more See You On the Fairways, more liveblogs of the pivotal games, and a podcast or two for good measure. Don’t forget to check out the MYFO Shop by clicking on the cute and cuddly baby at the top-right. We’re going to be rolling out more designs and products in the coming months as well. Make us the One Stop Shop for birthdays and baby showers. Who wouldn’t want to dress their kid in a “Future Cock Knocker” onesie?

Anyway, thanks again, everyone. Here’s to a couple hundred more posts before we sell out, reveal our true identities, and get fired within 48 hours.

…what? They did that already? Shit. They’re like the Simpsons!



  1. I’m considering a name change to “Pete Best” but the analogy wouldn’t work… was there an additional member of the Monkees before they really took off?

  2. Sir H of H, I know who you are referring to – I can’t remember his name but I distinctly remember he was the one with all the talent.

  3. Domi and I have the Wondertwin Power to hijack comment threads or somehow reference South Park.

    Also, we decided Dr Pepper plus Captain Morgan is the official drink of hockey bloggers. Dr Captains is their proper name.

  4. WOOO! *throw confetti, blows party horn* Thanks for the name drop by the way

  5. Congrats, guys. However, I believe the all-time record for getting to 500 is 390 posts. Probably won’ t ever be broken.

  6. @ gormet Spud: However, I believe the all-time record for getting to 500 is 390 posts. Probably won’ t ever be broken. IS that anything like winning Connect Four in three moves?

    @wraparoundcurl: well, Dr. Captains are the official drink of the cool bloggers, like us.

    and with reference to Wonder twins: form of! Eddie Belfour! Shape of! Gigantic bottle of Tequila!

  7. Congrats on 500!

    Obv, this calls for a rave~

  8. @ endwithstyle: Uhn tiss Uhn tiss Uhn tiss baby!

  9. I’ve got something, and it goes thumpin’ like thisss. All you need is, my uhn tiss uhn tiss uhn tiss~

    I haven’t listened to the Bloodhound Gang in so long.

  10. It’s totally my ringtone.

  11. Niiice. Do you rave whenever you get a phone call? Because it’d be quite disappointing if you didn’t.

  12. I let it ring a bit longer.

  13. I’m honored that some of you have taken to my Sctick and Schliffs, or as you call them and I now will, Dr. Captains.

    You guys rule.

  14. @ Weed: Because Dr Morgans seemed a bit limp wristed.

  15. “Except Negro Observer. Fuck you, buddy.”

    I’m just happy you called me buddy, and absolutely thrilled that you mentioned me in a post!

    I now check the site almost everyday, at first cause I liked the shit my toolness was stirring, but now it’s cause I like the atmosphere, so I guess I’ve become a fan of you guys.

    Here’s to another 500. I really mean it.

    Now let me have it.


  16. wraparoundcurl invented the drink (Or at least introduced it to me), but I’m teh one who came up with the name–uses both titles!

    @nergo observer: “I’m not your buddy, fwiend” , “I’m not you friend, guy” etc…

  17. Negro Observer, you no good goddamn son-of-a…

    Just kidding. What would we do without your pot-stirring? I for one am glad you stuck around.

    Now you just sit there and behave yourself, buddy.

  18. With all the Passing Over during the weekend and the Habs sucking, I haven’t checked MYFO in 2 days. Now I’m back at work so I have time.

    Mazel Tov gentlemen!

  19. Fuck! All I know is hockey, not every fucking Simpsons and South Park esisode. All these comments just make me more and more confused. Screw it. Job well done to the MYFO crew, and the regulars in the “Leave a comment” section. I will taste your Dr. Captian tonight as I watch Boston beat those French frogs in game 7. Fuck Montreal and their soccer chant.

  20. Bravo and congratulations Gentlemen! I don’t think I’d want to live in a world where “Canuckistani Terrorist Fuckbuckets” is no longer a part of my everyday vocabulary.

    And thanks for the name drop! Let us celebrate our arrangement with the adding of spicy rum to spicy cola.

    Mmmmmm….Doctor Caaaaptains….GARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…..

  21. @ Rocco: I accept just about any pop culture reference. How about the Office? Or Empire Records? I don’t discriminate.

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