Springtime Is For Making Up Not For Breaking Up

By now, everyone has heard about the incident that occurred between Martin Brodeur and Sean Avery after the Rangers disposed of the Devils on Friday night. To those who live in a Mormon Statutory Rape Community or a place with similar internet access, Brodeur refused to shake Avery’s hand after the game, as is the tradition when a series in the NHL comes to an end.


Ohhh, snap! You really got him on that one, Marty. You flipped him like a cheese omelette and left Avery sizzling. Total burn.

The whole Avery-Brodeur catfight was made out by the national media to be the ultimate NHL Soap Opera. Really though, there aren’t any better stories out there? How about the San Jose/Calgary series? Too West Coast? Too enticing to pyromaniacs and fishfuckers?

So many questions. Who’s playing who? What are the stakes? Where am I? You’re still holding on to my pants, right? Did Ross and Rachel ever get together?  I don’t know – I don’t watch TBS.

How about the Boston/Montreal series? Too ethnic? Just to be sure, Canadiens are the people that sit next to you on the bus that smell like ginger and body odor, right? If that’s the case, then yeah, that’s why.

Be that as it may, MYFO Undercover has dug deep and worked its contacts and we have uncovered through covert operations and a dose of guerrilla blogging a top secret transmission between Avery and Brodeur. This is some classified shit, people.

Alright, here we go. After the ugliness of Brodeur shitting on a time-honored NHL tradition (or was it Avery that refused?) Who did what? 

Most importantly, could they bury the hatchet?

Fortunately, the two chose to break bread and deal with all the ugliness. They met personally in Central Park for a sit down*.

* click on the “play move” icon, if you click through to enjoy Weed’s cartoon. Or don’t.

I can’t believe how accurately you can portray Brodeur’s bitch tits. The wonders of the intertubes.



  1. So Brodeur did Farmer Ted hand shake fake out?

    I just watched 16 Candles on Oxygen. That’s what came to mind.

  2. At least you’re not sharing a room with a guy who is named after a duck’s dork.

  3. Marty is Sean’s sexxxxxxyyyyyyyy girlfrienddddddd.

  4. Needs more Habs losing.

  5. I think Marty should have done the ol’ “spit in the hand then shake” bit. But in that cartoon, MArty is looking pretty good. Sean Avery looks like he’s selling drugs or somtehing

  6. If the Pats didn’t fuck it up Boston could be going for the grand slam.

  7. Marty Rule #229″ A player must shake hands of ALL opposing players following a close of a playoff series regardless of how big of a douche nozzle or how small of a cakeboy a particular player feels about another. A 10 min Unsportsmen Like Conduct will be applied at the start of the next series or 5 stroke handicap in the 1st round robin, respectively.”

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