TWW: Tonight on Versus

Tonight on Versus is a rare treat. For the first time since the lockout, two Game 7s will be played on the same night. And, for the first time that I can remember, they’ve being played on the same channel back-to-back. No “Joined in Progress”. No “Here’s some highlights to tide you over”. Nothing of the sort. Alexander Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals look to complete their comeback against the Philadelphia Flyers tonight in Washington, D.C. at 7 PM EDT.

Then, immediately following that game, the San Jose Sharks look to hold off the challenge of the Calgary Flames, led by Owen “Nelson” Nolan and everyone’s favorite goalie with random additional letters in his name, Miiiikkkkkiiiikkkka Kiprusoff. That game 7 will be in the Shark Tank of San Jose.

Sharks! Flames! Capitals! Flyers! Tonight! Only on VERSUS! Who will be victory? Who will be defeat?



  1. It will be joined in progress if the Caps/Phlyers game goes into OT…but not if OT stands for ovietime.

  2. That’s some quality whoring for ice cube trays

  3. Either we schill for television programming or iron Engblom’s hair. This option burns less.

  4. And if we refuse to do either of those, we have to delouse Keith Jones’ toupee.

  5. Huh, would you look at that. Both Brierererererererererererere and Miiiiiikkkkkiiiikkkkaaa Kiprusoff play the most important game of the quarterfinals on the same day, and on the same channel! :O

  6. Maybe the winners won’t set some cop cars on fire hey-o!!

  7. it must be a game 7 if it’s on the big tv while NBA playoff games are relegated to the 2 smaller tvs.
    would like to get some OVIETIME before the 3rd tonight if you can pass that wish along to the hockey gods for me please.

  8. @Domi: They will light up some ice cream trucks instead. Or maybe some Wendys.

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