ESPN’s Awesome NHL Coverage Of The Week

From ESPN’s blurb about Dion Phaneuf being a finalist for the Norris Trophy:

” The 23-year-old Phaneuf, who finished third behind the Pittsburgh PenguinsSidney Crosby and the Washington CapitalsAlexander Ovechkin in Calder Trophy voting for the league’s top rookie last season, led Flames defensemen with 60 points (17 goals, 43 assists).

Information from The Associated Press was used in this report. “

I wonder if the Associated Press gave them the information that Crosby and Ovechkin were rookies two years ago, not last season? Or that Ovechkin actually won the award, not Crosby, as that sentence implies?

I realize that is publishing literally several NHL stories a day, but this one’s been up there for more than 24 hours and they still haven’t corrected it. If there’s a mistake in an NFL article, someone would spot it in three seconds, fire whomever wrote it immediately (even if it were Clayton or Pasquerelli), and use that “Featured Comment” spot on the ESPN homepage to beg for forgiveness instead of posting rverzcurze18’s handy quote, “the cubs do look good but its early”.



  1. I thought ESPN never made mistakes? First time for everything, eh?

  2. ESPN covers hockey? Who knew. ESPN is dead to me (except when they televise the Frozen Four.)

  3. ESPN is not dead to me when there are American Gladiator reruns.

  4. while this is terrible, i think that sentence implies that ovie won, not sid. behind sid and ovechkin means he is closest to sid in my opinion

    /nitpicking the nitpicking

  5. um, i don’t know if i’m missing something here, but ovechkin DID win the calder over crosby…

  6. SHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! ESPN can’t let the masses know that Ovie won it! Players with personality can be the best players in the league? Bahhhh!

  7. Yeah, but Bill Simmons likes hockey again!!!!! He wrote a column about it because the Bruins went to a game seven. I don’t know about you guys, but I have been waiting forever for Bill to legitimize hockey again for me.

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