Holy shit.

According to ESPN, Sean Avery was taken to the hospital unconscious and in cardiac arrest with a lacerated spleen this morning at approximately 3 AM.

We had a Rangers haterade post set to go this afternoon, but we’ll be pushing that back until we get word on Avery’s condition. Updates as we get them.

**12:25 PM EDT Update: Per the Rangers, Avery has regained consciousness and is expected to make a full recovery, but will not play again in the playoffs this year.

**12:33 PM EDT Update: Newsday is calling it a ruptured spleen and contradicting the cardiac arrest reports. The Rangers confirm to Newsday that it was a lacerated spleen.

**12:37 PM EDT Update: The Toronto Sun reports that they spoke with Avery’s mother, who confirmed a lacerated spleen, but it had not ruptured. She also says it happened sometime in the first period, and Avery played with pain through the rest of the game.

**12:41 PM EDT Update: The Rangers confirm that it is a lacerated spleen and he’s done for the year.

**12:50 PM EDT Update: Okay, he’s alive, reasonably well, and will be back next year. Thanks for bearing with us while we treated this like the Normandy Invasion. Bottom line is, this guy went through the better part of a full game with a lacerated spleen. Suck on THAT, Hockey Jesus.

The regularly scheduled Rangers haterade will commence this afternoon.



  1. Wow. I have no words.

  2. “The Rangers confirm that it is a lacerated spleen and he’s done for the year.”

    So are the Rangers. All that work, passing out, hospital trips… just for an extra day or two off.

  3. […] Reasonable Doubt over at MYFO is keeping better tabs on this than I am […]

  4. Haha. sux2bu, Sean Avery.

  5. I expect sensationalized stories when Britney Spears gets taken to the hospital, but Sean Avery, really? Now SI is reporting that (according to the Rangers) he was always in stable condition, and he walked into the hospital on his own. Must be a slow news day.

    Still good news, I suppose. Although I was really hoping for a Game 4 last ditch effort by Avery to get under the Pens’ skin. It would have been a thing of beauty…

  6. holy shit, indeed. That’s all I can say

  7. @ Caps Red Army: I was totally hoping for an Avery/Crosby smackdown. And I wanted it to be dirty, with hair pulling and such. Perhaps Avery would have called Crosby a bitch. In my mind, it would have been like Dynasty.

  8. k he’s out of danger can we get back to fucktard references now? or will Buzz Bisinger just get angry at us?

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