Mike Babcock’s Hockey Coaching Clinic

I don’t know who the hell Jack Adams was, but I know he would be proud to be associated with a brilliant coaching mind like mine. And no offense to the other finalists, but we all know this award belongs to me. At least I’ve heard of Carbonneau; who the blazes is this Bryce Boudoir? So, thanks in advance, NHL writers, for recognizing my genius. I don’t want to give away too many secrets, but here’s a few tips for my fellow, less gifted members of the NHL coaching fraternity. Feel free to take notes.

1) If you have the best defenseman in hockey on your team, play him a lot. Say, 26:43 or so a night. Special note: play him on both the penalty kill and power play, whenever possible.

2) It is an extremely smart move to have two forwards who are capable of scoring 90+ points. And who are also two of the top defensive players in the league. They should also play a lot.

3) …

4) Profit! I mean, Win Jack Adams award!



  1. Jack Adams owed his whole coaching career to giving Frank Calder a hummer in 1927, which was frowned upon at the time.

  2. Jack Adams? More like SAM Adams, you drunks!

    /shows self out

  3. thank you for putting into words what i could not, baaaaaabcock.

  4. In my head, I imagine that Babcock goes around talking like Bob Dole.

    “Babcock is going to win the Cup!” “Babcock needs some A1”

    Such as.

  5. Man, I’ve been wasting my life away. If only I had this advice sooner!

    I’m off to find a hockey team to coach and bask in the glory of my impending success.

  6. […] guys at Melt Your Face Off give a few tips on how to become a Jack Adams finalist: 1) If you have the best defenseman in […]

  7. So, a sign-language-ing chimp could coach the red wings as well as he has, due to the impossibly good scouting and management staff in Detroit?

    *checks last night’s score*

    Yup, I bet I could do about as well. “go out there, guys, and win it. Osgood, you’re in goal.” is really all you need to say.

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