You Didn’t Ask for My Opinion? Too Bad

It is my duty as a blogger to give another rational, soulbearing reaction to the Buzz Bissinger – Will Leitch pillow fight.  [Insert Macbeth quote here]

Are you serious? It’s three days too late and every uptight, insecure blogger already shared their predictable responses. Humans shouldn’t fling poop at each other. Monkeys, on the other hand …



Neil Postman won this argument 23 years ago. Learn from written work and be entertained by television.   Sophomoric humor coming soon.





  1. insert MacBeth quote here

    What will these hands never be clean?

  2. Did anyone else get a little frisson last night seeing it go by on the ticker last night that somebody named “Buzzie” had died?

  3. Whoops! that brilliant monkey ppo comment was posted under my real name (er, WordPress username)! I have been outed! I will get fired by WaPo!

  4. Is that better, Habs?

  5. Thx Weed. It’s really no big deal to me – my boss already knows I’m a perverted blogging guy.

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