See You on the Fairway: San Jose Edition

Not every team in the playoffs gets to hoist the Stanley Cup. Try as they may, 29 teams will end their hockey-related obligations without lifting the Holy Grail of Hockey. We here at MYFO encourage you to erase their substandard play from your collective memory, and join us in wishing them good luck on the golf course.

What happened?  At the time of this posting, the San Jose Sharks and Dallas Stars finished their 62-OT Game 6 about 12 minutes ago.  It’s a shame to see Joe Thornton and his trendy pre-season pick Sharks head to the first tee and all, but doesn’t this bode well for the NHL?  With Detroit, Philadelphia, Dallas, and the Savior of All Mankind left, the Finals TV ratings will be far superior than any match-up than would have involved only the third-largest city in California.  We can only assume it was Gary Bettman who told Morrow to find Milan Michalek and knock him the fuck out.

Their Year in MYFO: My, what a year it’s been around here for the Men in Teal.  (Ed note: I’m referring to the Sharks, not your MYFO Editors.  We’re more the Cornflower Blue types.)  We recapped the team’s entire existence in one post, with the Top Eight Moments in SJS History.  Once they announced they’d send some players to China, we brought the list of guys who should get their passports ready.  LeNoceur called out some inconsistencies on the Ye Olde Goc Blogge.  And two more words: EPIC FAIL.

The Silver Lining: Evgeni Nabokov proved he could hang in the playoffs with some saves of ridiculitude.  The nucleus should be back next year.  Hey, you guys won the Battle of California.  And if nothing else, you get to cover Jeremy Roenick’s Retirement Text Messagegate ’08 this summer.



  1. Hey, is there any way to get a record of last night’s live blog?That was some funny stuff right there.

  2. Just click the link to the liveblog on the “MYFO Comes Alive” post and then click the Green Arrow Circle thinger to replay it.

  3. There were some quality gems in last night’s epic blogging adventure…

  4. last night was incredible, to say the least. I never thought I would be disscussing air beds, strippers, porn, 90s tv shows, sausages, and whatever the hell else we talked about then. Dammit, that’s just making my upcoming return to dial up that much harder

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