Thanks a Lot, Flyers

TO: Flyers GM Paul Holmgren

FROM: Larry Pleau, Cliff Fletcher, Dean Lombardi, Kevin Lowe, Jacques Martin, Don Maloney, Garth Snow

RE: Congratulations

Way to go. You took your team from a laughingstock to the conference finals. Outhouse to the penthouse, baby. Last in the NHL overall in 2006-07, and now you get a chance to complete knocking off the top 3 seeds in the East to make it to the Cup Finals.

You fucking asshole.

Did you ever stop and think about the consequences when you started this little project? Did you think about what it would mean for you to sign Briere, and Hartnell, and Timonen? Did you stop and wonder, even for a second, what would happen if it actually worked?

When you hired John Stevens, did you really think he could make your club into a contender? Or are you just a dumb, lucky bastard? Seriously, please tell us. Because if you are a dumb, lucky bastard, at least that gives the rest of us a little hope. Shit, we’re already halfway there!

But if not…well, how the fuck are the rest of us supposed to keep our jobs? If it’s actually possible, through wise trades, solid drafts, and smart free agent acquisitions, to quickly and dramatically improve a team on purpose…aren’t our fans (and more importantly, our owners) going to start asking why we can’t seem to do it? How are we supposed to answer that question?

What have you done?



  1. Assholes tick me off, but LUCKY assholes tick me off even more.

  2. Please add Don Waddell to the list of FROM’s….

  3. Philly ticks me off.

  4. @ Jenn in ATL: Waddell refused to sign, on the grounds that Angelo Esposito is going to take them all the way, baby. Also, they’ve already got the ideal coach in place.

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