Coach Q Leaving Colorado; Will Continue Hobby of Messing with Starship Captains

Coaching hockey’s no fun when you can’t use your godlike Continuum powers to expand the other team’s goal to four times its normal size, or turn Chris Chelios into a superannuated skating cadaver. So long Colorado; hello Greater Magellanic Cloud. I hear there’s an upstart team of android zemtok ball players looking for some direction. Hope they like playing boring D and early playoff exits.



  1. why is that dude looking at my bulletin board?

  2. “Dammit, Q! That is not the iss-ue!!”


  3. Okay, I laughed.


  4. I got it, dammit! I didn’t even have to click out of my RSS reader (well, except to comment) and I knew exactly what the post title inferred.

    Sadly, I am teh geek.

  5. Kirk would have punched him square in the jaw if he’d tried that shit with him. No one traps his ship.

    (Come to think of it, didn’t Sisko do exactly that?)

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