Here, Have a Cigar! Weed Against Speed Is A Brand New Papa!

It gives me great pride and honor to announce for the first time anywhere that there has been a new addition to the Weed Against Speed and Cinnamon Girl family. Last Friday, yours truly adopted a bouncing baby boy!

With that said, please follow me after the jump to see the most adorable photo of our little bundle of joy!

The name is a bit long but may I present to you Derek Boogaard’s Player Page On Hockey Reference Dot Com! We are considering calling him D.B. Speed for short but have not decided yet.



Now ain’t he the cutest little thing? We are accepting gifts but please do not spend more than $100. Might I suggest an adorable baby onesie from the Melt Your Face Off Store on Zazzle?

And for those of you out there that have been considering adoption but do not know if you can spare the time or make the necessary commitments,  Hockey Reference thankfully removes all the red tape usually associated with the process. One suggestion: it never hurts to grease the wheels, as they say, to get the adoption process going. It cost me the paltry sum of $10 and everything was done lickety-split!

And the rewards? Too many to count.



  1. this [—–] close to ponying up for Mikko Makela.
    why? I have no idea.

  2. By the way, the baby definitely has his father’s syntax and grammar.

  3. By the way, the baby definitely has his father’s syntax and grammar.

    Poor bastard.

  4. How do they come up with the price of the players? Some are 40 bucks and some are 10 bucks.

    It must suck being in the ten dollar bin.

    Congrats, Weed. Let me know if you need a babysitter so you can take the lady out.

  5. If litle D.B.’s first words in English aren’t “Norm Green Sucks!”, I’ll be sorely disappointed.

  6. You gotta watch out for those adopted kids…they can turn mean on ya.

  7. Well, congrats on your big boy!

    Ovietime?! If I had a kid, I would so buy one. But, I think I’ll wait a few years on the childbirth thing.

  8. Isn’t that just like Weed? Willing to adopt just as another excuse to smoke! Really, though, we are quite proud.

  9. wraparoundcurl: here’s the info on sponsorship:

  10. Derek Boogaard then kicked the shit out of Jim Boo, the player next to him. Figuring he needed a bigger piece of meat, he stepped up to noted AHL-level goon Dennis Bonvie.

    D.B. then served him pancakes.

  11. I may have taken floppa’s page. Good call, Weed.

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