Jonathan Davis Would Like To Have A Word With You About Sidney Crosby’s Facial Hair

A lot of comments have been made and plenty of ridicule has been heaped upon the Chosen One regarding his slow-developing accumulation of facial hair during the Pittsburgh Penguins’ playoff run. In fact, I even mentioned it in the NHL Closer over on Deadspin on Wednesday which “started a discussion” or two in the comments section.

Despite the fact we were just having a little fun at Sidney’s expense, my inbox was inundated with e-mails regarding the subject, each one more hostile than the last. One of the most surprising came from Jonathan Davis, lead singer of the band KoЯn. He requested a forum in which he could address what he refers to as the “irresponsible hate-mongering and persecution of a true hero”. MYFO was more than happy to oblige.

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He’s Awfully Cocky for a Guy Who Couldn’t Cut It in Nashville

Providing yet more anecdotal evidence that your grandma really was right on just about everything, another bad penny has turned up. Craig Leipold, erstwhile owner of the Nashville Predators (and who couldn’t wait to get out of town while that franchise foundered, and nearly sank, on his watch) is as of a few weeks ago the new owner of the Minnesota Wild.

Thankfully, he’ll have coach Jacques Lemaire to lean on as he gets his feet frozen wet up in St. Paul. However, some teams, including the Leafs, have been sniffing around GM Doug Risebrough. Is the Cragister worried that the sharp and successful Risebrough might jump ship? Hardly. Continue reading