Monday night, Detroit ordered that it be Christmas in May for the NHL Corporate Offices by routing Dallas and giving Gary Bettman the NHL Finals showdown he’d been hoping for.  It was hard for Bettman to be an extra good boy this year, what with the constant attacks from LeNoceur, but hey, Santa likes him.  Wings!  Pens!  It’s the Stanley Cup Finals!  Tuesday!  Right?

What do you mean Saturday? 

Following in the footsteps of the National Football League, it appears that the NHL has put off playing hockey until everyone’s rusty and forgets how to effectively set up the power play.  At MYFO, we’re in the midst of a material drain that makes a simple blogger long for the days of high octane match-ups between Columbus and Phoenix.  However will we pass the time?


 Surely, this hockey gap is designed to heighten the fervor and lunacy of a marquee Stanley Cup Finals.  And what better way to exploit the players who shall earn thy league revenue by making them stand barefooted on the ice surface of Joe Louis Arena in their jerseys and street clothes, answering mindless questions by a media who thinks Chris Osgood is a Teen Girl Squad typo?


MYFO has high-cred press passes to this very-real-in-no-way-are-we-making-this-up event, and we want to ask the questions of the people to the players you’re too unimportant to get access to.  All you need to do it e-mail today or tomorrow with your question and which player you’d like us to ask it to.  Friday, you’ll get your answers. 

The Red Wings and Penguins are waiting. 

It’s time to fire up the Gmails, people.



  1. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

    I might try and come up with a serious question or two. My knee-jerk reaction question would to be to ask MAF how he feels that the is a younger, better looking Roberto Luongo.

  2. Jealous girl here. Ask about Sidney’s beard. No, don’t. Don’t do it. Yeah… do it (and about MAF too).

  3. Buzz must be pissed you guys got press creds.

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