Your 2008 Memorial Cup Champions

The CHL had their Memorial Cup Finals today and the Spokane Chiefs are your new Memorial Cup champions. I could blather on about some stuff I pulled up in Wikipedia, but MYFO Commenter wraparoundcurl has been following the Chiefs since their season started. She’s got the rundown of the entire final, and an archive full of Chiefs game analysis.

Best part? The Chiefs captain broke the trophy in the celebration. Fan-fucking-tastic.



  1. I have never laughed harder. Seriously.

    Way to go, El Capitan!

  2. Unfortunately I know how he feels. The North Bay Novice City Championship Trophy was never the same.

  3. @wraparoundcurl: were you shrieking like a Japanese schoolgirl?

  4. Well, this weekend was embarrassing for hockey players! It was one of those things you felt bad to watch, but had to rewind the TV over and over again.

  5. @domi: I lost my freaking mind when they won.

    The Cup was in once piece today when they brought it in. They played a montage. And left out the part where it broke. I wish they would have left it in. I swear Vancouver loosened it. They were pissed an American team won it.

  6. Well, once every ten years it’s allowable.

  7. No live blog tonight?

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