Nice and Easy Flowchart to Read

Proof positive that Versus is getting better and better every year. This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. Bravo to He Score, He Shoot!

(HT to wraparoundcurl for linking me to this.)



  1. Please edit for:

    Do you live in Canada->no->Do you live near the Canadian border->yes->curse for 3 hours because CBC isn’t carried in HD on Time Warner but HNIC is so much better and the delay screws up watching the Vs./NBC HD feed with the HNIC sound.

  2. Seconded. At least during the playoffs you don’t have to worry about the game starting late because the Leafs are playing an earlier game.

    Or my own Canucks, come to think of it. *sob*

    The sound delay can be useful, though: if you’re not really paying attention you just keep half an ear on the audio and look up six seconds later to see the actual goal. It leaves so much more time for drinking.

  3. HSHS is a beacon of accuracy!

  4. That’s awesome guys. Thanks a lot.

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