Winner, Winner. Chicken Dinner.

Morning and welcome back from the long weekend, folks. Below the jump are the winners of the Jerseys, Posters, and Stick Blade in the Melt Your Face-Off Stanley Cup Picks Challenge, Sponsored by Versus.

First, we’ll go with the winners of the Individual Games. For those keeping track, the answer to the tiebreaker of “Total shots on goal for both games combined” was 111.


The second-place winner, and winner of a Versus Playoffs Poster (one of which is hanging in my living room right now-it’s awesome), getting the score and winner of game 1 right, but, missing the tie-breaker by missing the total shots on goal from both games by 26, is Dany Heatley’s Speedwagon.

And the winner of the Game 1 Picks Contest, and a Versus Hockey Jersey, guessing the correct score of Game 1 and only missing the tiebreaker by 7 shots, is Caps Red Army.


The second-place winner, and a Versus Playoff Poster, guessing the exact score of Game 2, but came in 46 shots above the tiebreaker, is Zorkon.

The winner of the Game 2 Picks Contest, guessing the score and the total shots on goal exactly correct, is Corey Friesen.

Grand Prize Winner

The winner of the Sean Avery Autographed Stick Blade, guessing the result of both games right, and being only two goals off the total goals for both games, is Big Ten Obsession.

A consolation prize will go out to Madman Mundt for also correctly guessing the total shots on goal over both games.

All six of you can e-mail with your shipping addresses, and we’ll get your prizes out to you quickly.

Thanks for playing, everyone!



  1. I had 112 total SOGs over both games.

  2. This is better than Christmas! I hope it’s one of those XL jerseys too, so I can wear it as an ankle-length dress.

  3. Please tell me that my prize is the chance to kick Fleury in the nuts for ruining what was to be a great series by acting like a goddamn sieve.

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