As first seen yesterday at The 700 Level, the Philadelphia Flyers are spending their off-season doing two things.  1) Shaving their awful playoff beards.  2) Throwing ceremonial baseballs at unsuspecting back-up catchers or base coaches.  It’s true.  Monday at Citizens Bank Park, the Flyers assembled a mighty shift of 6 to throw 1 baseball about 60 feet.  That’s some teamwork.

(Elsewhere, Steve Downie cheap shotted a cotton candy vendor.)

And thanks to Ladies…  Emeritus Clare, we have this fine snapshot depicting these Flyers in their finest moment of sauntering.  Who are they, you may ask?  Hell if I know.  So rather than do the responsible thing and search the local papers for the full foul line roster, let’s have a little quiz.  Let’s see if you can (insert awesome game show music)…


Number 1: Who am I?

  1. Mike Knuble
  2. Mike Richards
  3. Shower Sandals?
  4. Waldo, minus the glasses, striped shirt, and stupid backpack

Number 2…

  1. Randy Jones
  2. Braydon Coburn
  3. Danny Briere on stilts
  4. Gozer the Destructor

Number 3!

  1. Scottie Upshall
  2. Marty Biron
  3. Shane Victorino
  4. Somebody who just blew $150 at the Merch Stand

Number 4?

  1. Jason Smith
  2. Jeff Carter
  3. Nice ears, Dumbo.
  4. Antero Niittymaki, assuming he’s still alive (not seen since March)

Johnny 5!

  1. John Stevens
  2. Steve Johnson
  3. Steve Stevens
  4. John Johnson

Number 6…

  1. Kimmo Timonen
  2. Sami Kapanen
  3. Lasse Kukkonen
  4. Helsinki McFinlandssen

Number 7

  1. The Phillie Phanatic
  2. Derian Hatcher


  1. Number 7 looks like Ron Hextall to me….or Renee Zelwigger…I can’t decide

  2. Number 6 is a trick question. Helsinki McFinlandssen plays for the Senators.

  3. 1: Douche
    2: Douche
    3: Douche
    4: Douche
    5: Douche
    6: Douche
    7: Mascot

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