MYFO Liveblog: Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals

If you think I’m going to use that goddamned overtime cat again, you’re nuts. That was a jinx.

Anyway, Game 6 is tonight. Can the Pens gut out another win? We’ll find out.

In the meantime, join us here for the liveblog starting around 7:30 PM EDT


  1. […] post info By wraparoundcurl Categories: Uncategorized Tags: cross brand promotion, liveblog, merch, myfo Alright kids, the MYFO boys and associates will be liveblogging game 904989841 tonight. I think it’s game 6 actually. At this juncture it feels like game 904989841. Will Sidney Christ deliver a victory for his team? Or will the powerful draw of Kristen Bell lead the way to a W for Osgood and company? Who fucking knows. But what else have you got going on on a Wednesday night? Link here. […]

  2. I shall be there. :)

  3. WIll Detroit get screwed again by the f****** refs and Gary Bettman?
    The broadcast is totally one sided

  4. wings deserved this win. they had a bunch of greybeards on the team, and still made the pens look foolish by outworking them!!

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