See You on the Fairway: Holy Grail Edition

While 28 other teams have been shaving points off their handicap for weeks now, two are just now finding their way to the course. And only one of those will be playing golf in style, with the kind of caddy pictured above. Your Red Wings season retrospective follows.

What happened?

Not a damned thing. Nothing bad, anyway. They threateened to have a first-round hiccup against Nashville, until Mike Babcock noticed that Chris Osgood was better than Dominisk Hasek. They plowed through Colorado like I plow through a box of powdered sugar Hostess Donettes. After snoozing for a couple of games, they polished off Dallas. And despite the best efforts of the officials, they took care of Crosby & Co. with relative ease.

Their Year in MYFO

Dominik Hasek took Marian Gaborik for a ride. Pavel Datsyuk attempted the Lady Byng three-peat.  Tomas Holmstrom tried to get lucky on a blind date. Mike Babcock got the least-deserved Jack Adams Award nomination ever. It was surprisingly easy for Hex to get playoff tix.

The Silver Lining

Niklas Lidstrom is still in his prime. Datsyuk and Zetterberg are the two best all-around players in the league. Nik Kronwall led all defensemen in scoring in the playoffs. Holmstrom still has a large ass, and he’s not afraid to use it. Darren McCarty hasn’t relapsed. Yet. Oh yeah, they also have a group of “role players” like Mikael Samuelsson and Val Filppula that about 20 other teams would like to have on a top line. So I’d say that the lining is pretty fucking shiny.



  1. So…about those prizes for the pool…

  2. “So I’d say that the lining is pretty fucking shiny.” Almost sounds bitter. Wonder what you’d have said if Pittsburgh won.

  3. I have two words for you, Gentlemen.

    Bigger. Picture.

  4. One day, I hope you boyos will post a picture for the ladies….

  5. @wraparoundcurl: They haven’t posted enough pictures of Avery for you?

  6. @ Caps: Nope! I have diverse tastes. They can throw in an Alexandre Burrows.

  7. @ wraparoundcurl: Considering the demographics of our readership, you may have a point there.

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