Guess What Will Be Making An Appearance On “The Tonight Show” This Evening?

The whirlwind publicity tour for the Stanley Cup Champion Detroit Red Wings begins in earnest tonight as Chris Osgood and Nicklas Lidstrom will appear Tuesday night on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”. They are even bringing along Lord Stanley’s Cup, so be sure to tune in (I can’t believe I just wrote that about Leno). I’m sure we can all agree that Jay Leno is an insufferable douchebag and the question at hand is: will their appearance on the show be more awkward or more aggravating? MYFO takes a hypothetical look, after the jump.

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Escape from Hockeytown, Part V

We now continue with MYFO’s Classic Movie Adaptation of Escape from New York. In today’s segment, Snake McCarty continues his quest to locate Gary Bettman after the Commissioner’s plane went down in Detroit. Along the way, Snake meets some interesting characters, including Bob Probert, who has fallen on bad times.

Part I of Escape from Hockeytown can be found here , Part II here, Part III here and Part IV is here.

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