Winners of the MYFO Fantasy Playoff Pool

Sorry about the delay in getting this post up. It’s been one of those weeks.

After the jump are the final standings in the Playoff Pool.

Since LeNoceur is an editor, he won’t be winning any fabulous prizes, but the next three players will. So Owen Heart Fan Club, Going Five Hole, and Sir HoH (Although we should disqualify your lazy ass because of your two or three “solid myfo posts” back in the summer) can send your mailing addresses to and we’ll mail you out some prizes. Thanks for playing everyone, and fuck you myfoblows. I kicked your ass.

Team Information TSNP
Rank Team Manager Total Last*
1 Yes sir, LeNoceur LeNoceur 6,285.0 339.0
2 Owen Heart Fan Club Greg939 5,893.0 356.0
3 Going Five Hole GoingFiveHole 5,820.0 170.0
4 I am McBean sirhofh 5,712.0 298.0
5 The Sake Bombs DrMalPractice 5,568.0 270.0
5 Jagr-Meister caduddin 5,568.0 222.0
7 Praise Sidney hooksorpik 5,353.0 110.0
8 ProngerDonger ProngerDonger 5,349.0 340.0
9 Caps Red Army capsredarmy 5,179.0 233.0
10 Islanders Army NYI_murph 4,996.0 266.0
11 SJSU Spartans jollyandy 4,882.0 206.0
12 The Cosmonauts smaksimo 4,793.0 198.0
13 Poke Checks for Baby Jesus the_hza 4,399.0 225.0
14 Reasonable Doubt ReasonableDoubt 4,239.0 161.0
15 In the Slot myfoblows 4,194.0 133.0
16 Tkachuk’s D Cups old__scarhelton9 4,030.0 108.0
17 Weed Against Speed Indeed Weed Against Speed 4,008.0 94.0
18 Who Wants to Hex Mutombo? cpcond 3,610.0 96.0
19 Spears of Britney Zadwanaa 3,485.0 78.0
20 HF29’s Strip Club of Love HabsFan29 3,112.0 64.0
21 melt your face off the_hza 2,831.0 66.0
22 Claws and Teeth zorkon 2,138.0 -16.0
23 John LeClair’s Beer Pong Table Loser Domi 1,888.0 -2.0


  1. *grabs spoon, goes to window*

    IIIIIII am the chaaampionnnn, my frie-eends

    / Chicken Little

  2. I feel the need to respond to that dig, Sax, but I’m just too lazy to come up with anything good. Now send me something cool.

  3. That’s what I get for picking all those Lightning players

  4. I totally blew my shot at winning the pool during the ECF and WCF. I would have totally owned if I stayed on pace from where I was at the end of the quarterfinals. :'[

  5. But, but, I had an awesome name! Yeah! Screw you guys, I don’t need your supid prizes to validate MY self-worth! (although coming in at a place OTHER than dead last would have been nice…)

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