Aw, crap, again? Fiiiiiiinnnne – Updated

As we learned from the estimable Weed against Speed this morning, the NHL Awards are tonight, LIVE at 7 PM EDT on Versus. Once again, your favorite MYFO’rs will be liveblogging the event. Join us and make fun of ill-fitting tuxedos and awkward speeches!

UPDATE: To join the liveblog, simply click this link. We’ll see you there. Well, not see you – read you – or something.



  1. Mothereffer, I will be at work. So try to carry on without me, boys.

  2. If I only I had a tv and internet in my house… Scratch that – if only I had anything but an airbed, 10 gallons of paint and some tools in my house.

    I guess I’ll just read about it here tomorrow.

  3. Oh boy, I can’t wait to live blog with you guys. My dad might watch it.

  4. Thursday at the Square (Google it, peeps) is tonightttt. I won’t be able to blog. :'(

  5. Oh I wish you could be there EWS

  6. I do too. I love the LiveBlogs on here. -Tear-

  7. Patrick Kane is committed to the Black Sox…oh and congrats to Nik LiNdstrom, i hear he’s a hell of a defender.

  8. Oh the hilarity I missed…

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