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Spelling Bee 1, NHL 0

The key to throwing a good party is attention to detail.  You need to make sure that no one can call you out for something you had to rush because of time constraints.  Take Doritos for example.  If you serve Doritos at your party, that’s fine.  I won’t judge you.  Most people like Doritos.  But if you’ve based the success of your hors d’oeuvres on a bowl full of triangular chips that may or may not glow in the dark, they better as hell be Cool Ranch-flavored.  Discerning snack aficionados will notice.

Last night, it seemed that the NHL managed to get everything right.  The awards went to the most deserving players, the players managed to rent nice suits and tuxedos in time for their awkward entrances, and they even remembered to outfit lost-looking Canadian children with San Jose jerseys (like that’s a real place.) 

Speaking of which, a jersey is the ultimate tribute a fan can make in honor of their favorite player.  The NHL realizes this, and chose to honor each award recipient with both a shiny trophy and a kid donning the very sweater they wore whilst earning said shiny trophy.   Take Nicklas Lidst-SWEET CHRIST, DID I JUST SEE WHAT I THOUGHT I SAW?

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