Another One?


You dragged me out to the Elgin? What the hell happened to this place? Fuck this legitimacy! Me an’ Mahovlich would check out some decent pornos here after whooping the Leafs! Great actors, too! Terry Sawfuck, Bushy Johnson, Gordie Drillonandon, and the immortal More Dickie! Sure, they couldn’t show the penetration, but we had already double-teamed Imlach’s wife and needed a place to escape.

Gretzky, the greatest gift you got was my jersey? And you wore it every day? How do you live with Asperger’s Syndrome? You enjoy getting wedgies every day in grade school?

The rest of you: why the hell should I care about this stupid trophy? It’s gonna end up in my broom closet with a life-size Alan Ruck cutout. You know what, fuck it! Cameron doesn’t deserve that!

Throws trophy on ground, which shatters.

If you stuck this trophy up his ass, it’d hurt a lot.

In conclusion, fuck this stupid award, fuck the cash bar, and fuck Adam Graves’ wandering eyes. Bitches.



  1. Cash bar my ass. We roll in style here at the NHL.

  2. That trophy would be a great sea monkey habitat.

  3. a glass urn? fuck that says gordie, is there a ralph’s around here?

  4. Wrap, I was thinking it looks like something you put seashells in. Or candy.

  5. it could probably hold liquor, but I think daniella has it. Maybe like those peppermint sticks? perhaps an interesting terraium?

  6. loser domi, peppermint was exactly what I was thinking!

  7. Butterscotch or Wurther’s for me, please.

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