We All Win! We All Win!

After spending two years in exile at the AllState Arena, Pat Foley has returned to claim his rightful throne.

Before Monday’s press conference, the Blackhawks presented a clip of some of Foley’s greatest calls during his 26 years with the team  (WordPress still can’t figure out how to embed videos).  I present a few more:

Foley rips Alexander Karpovtsev.  To correct the normally prescient Foley, “Dean Martin” did play with one more team after the New York Islanders.  I like to pretend that Foley says “Dan Kelly” instead of Karpovtsev’s name.

Midway hired Foley as its play-by-play man in NHL Open Ice to say, “Corkum … shoots HE SCORES!”,  “Daigle … shoots SAVE BY HEBERT!”, “Daigle … CRUSHED!”, “Daigle … LOOKS LOST!”, and “Daigle … … … … … ” five hundred times in a half hour span.

John McDonough’s next move should be to bring Wayne Messmer back for the national anthems.  And any subsequent president needs to stay in Iraq.

Assist to Blackhawks.com for the pic



  1. So let me get this straight…Foley didn’t like Karpovstev, right?

  2. I’m so excited to hear him next year. Yeah, he was great with the Wolves, but he’s finally come home. Can’t wait to hear, “AND A SAVE!”

    You’re right on with Wayne Messmer; the UC will light up if he’s singing. It just isn’t the same now.

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