R.I.P., George Carlin

We at MYFO would be remiss if we didn’t take a moment to mention the untimely passing of George Carlin on Sunday at the age of 71. Carlin, one of the most gifted and brilliant comedians to ever hold a microphone,  was so much more than a comedian – he was a social commentator that had the innate ability to reveal all the hypocrisy, folly and hilarity that pervaded the Human Condition. Carlin saw the world from a unique view that was all his own and we are all the better for it. I am reminded of one of his legendary bits regarding sports where he dicusses hockey: 

Hockey comes to mind. People think hockey is a sport. It’s not. Hockey is three activities taking place at the same time: ice skating, fooling around with a puck, and beating the shit out of somebody. If these guys had more brains then teeth, they’d do these things one at a time. First go ice-skating, then fool around with a puck, then you go to the bar and beat the shit out of somebody. The day would last longer, and these guys would have a lot more fun. Another reason why hockey isn’t a sport is that it’s not played with a ball. Anything not played with a ball can’t be a sport. These are my rules, I make ’em up.

You most certainly did make up your own rules, sir. Thank you. You will be missed. 


  1. Here’s something you don’t hear too often. “Honey, let’s sell the children, move to Zanzibar and begin taking opium rectally.”

    RIP George.

  2. Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    Just genius. It’s like he predicted the blogosphere. (MYFO, FHF, and Five for Smiting excluded of course ;))

    RIP genius.

  3. There is no present. There’s only the immediate future and recent past.

    HF29; I am not an exclusion?!


  4. /pours imaginary 40 for George

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