Barry Melrose Takes His Charismatic Coaching Vagueries To Tampa

ESPN Hockey Talker-Aboutter Barry Melrose was officially introduced as head coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning yesterday. MYFO did not, in fact, manage to land an interview with Coach Melrose following the press conference, but if we had, it might have gone uhhhhhhlittttle somethingggg………. liiiiiike this:

MYFO: Do you believe the Capitals are the team to beat in the Southeast?

BARRY MELROSE: I believe Alexander Ovechkin is the most dynamic player in the National Hockey League right now. He scores goals, he delivers big hits. But also, the Capitals have some talent with Semin and Green, they’re a very good young hockey team.

Do you think Carolina can bounce back and be the force they were two years ago during their Cup run?

I believe Rod Brind’Amour is the best two-way player in the National Hockey League right now. Once he gets healthy, his leadership should be a huge boost for those guys, Cole, Staal, Justin Williams, young Cam Ward, Ron Francis used to play for this team.

How do you believe the Southeast Division compares to the Atlantic, which sent four teams to the playoffs last year?

I believe Sidney Crosby is the best all-round player in the game today. Malkin, Drury, Gomez, Briere, and Marty Brodeur is still Marty Brodeur. The Rangers still have Lundqvist. Rick DiPietro.

What approach will you take with the Lightning, a skilled team up front that’s sort of dropped off defensively the past couple seasons?

Vinny Lecavalier, Brad Richards, Marty St. Louis, err, sorry, not Richards… Danny Boyle? Big Dave Andreychuk was a great leader. They miss Khabiboulin.

Thank you for your time, Barry. Good luck behind the bench this year.

Randy McKay. Power forward.


  1. I miss my “hockey hair”.

  2. Whenever I hear Brind’amor I immediately think of Knob Hockey.

    Barry, what’s your opinion of the kid with the douchesharkfin?

  3. wraparoundcurl: “I bet his mum thinks he’s ugly” “probably”

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