Brian Campbell is Going Nowhere

Raskolnikov, you’ve gone too far now.  How high can you be to compare Brian Campbell aka Spin-O-Rama Jr. to the biggest single from the second best record of the shoegazer era?

Pops Xanax

Well, after dreading this moment for weeks, I’ve noticed a few similarities between Mr. Campbell and the Oxford band.

1. Campbell pounded RJ Umberger like Loz Colbert beat his drum set.

2. Swirling, hazy, distorted guitars hide Ride’s simple pop songs.   Swirling, hazy, pretty goals hide Campbell’s defensive deficiencies.

3. Four years after Nowhere, Ride released Carnival of Light, a soulless record stripped of what gave Andy Bell and Co. an identity.  Four years after this deal, Campbell will be mistaken for Andrei Zyuzin.

Right now, he is a vapour trail.  He looks so strong, then he’ll fade away.

Will this signing put the Blackhawks over the top?



  1. HA!

    Told you so.

  2. Now that they have two overpriced mediocre goalies, my answer is no. If by ‘over the top’ you mean in the playoff picture, sure.

  3. That second song is titled “Dreams Burn Down”.

  4. Brian Campbell has defensive deficiencies? I never noticed.

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