MYFO Turns One: By the Numbers

As I mentioned in this weirdly-fonted introduction post, I’m the one guy on this shift that is neither a lawyer or a schismatic murderer.  I’m the numbers guy.  And as wordy as litigators tend to get, the world of finance lives and dies by bullet points.  (Bullets are so violent.  Just ask the Washington Wizards.)  So without any further provocation or necessity, I give you the Year in Numbers.

(Number of vocab words in the introduction to this post: 3)

Number of total posts in one year: 639

Number of comments by you people: 3,191

Average comments per post: 5

Number of comments when RD sticks a hot poker in the ass of the Pensblog: 59

Enough with the blogging already:

  1. Penguins (62)
  2. Red Wings (32)
  3. Wild (44)
  4. Flyers (32)
  5. Capitals (31)

These are hockey teams?:

  1. Thrashers (6)
  2. Kings (8)
  3. Oilers (10)
  4. Flames (10)
  5. Hurricanes (10)

Posts containing “fuck”: 198

Posts containing “bettman”: 97

Posts containing “fuck” AND “bettman”: 33 (seems low, yes?)

Recurring Features that never recurred: Too many to count

Number of live blogs: 17

Number of death threats: 4

Number of bloodless editor coups: 2

Number of Facebook fan groups: 1

Number of stints as the Deadspin NHL Closer team: 2

Number of hot chicks we submitted for said Closer, only to have Herr Leitch deprive you all: again, too many to count

Top search terms leading to MYFO:

  1. willa ford
  2. alexander ovechkin
  3. melt your face off
  4. popeye
  5. hot model

Bottom search terms leading to MYFO:

  1. integrity
  2. journalism
  3. professionalism
  4. melt your housecat
  5. sean avery is misunderstood and a nice boy

And Finally

Number of Footsteps Falcos: 7



  1. 6 posts on the Thrashers? That’s about 5.9 more than I would have guessed.

  2. And the facebook group link for the peeps out there:

  3. No top 5 readers/commentors? What? There’s only 4? Happy birthday you cockknockers. Get shot in the balls.

  4. /Stolen from BDD’s FKS but I think it’s funny.

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