What Kind of Idiots Launch a Hockey Blog in the Dead of Summer?

Yeah, well, that was us, exactly one year ago. Many of you, we suspect, weren’t around back when this humble little post got things started. It’s like a time capsule! That was like, three banners and several dozen editors and contributors ago! (Hint: I wouldn’t bother sending an email to the address in the post and trying to get yourself hooked up as an editor.)

Here we stand, however, the Final Five Editors. Our faces are not known. But, thanks to the all-bountiful series of tubes, all of our idiot musings last forever, or at least until the FBI shuts down WordPress. Follow us as we re-live MYFO’s rise from complete obscurity to the 256th-most-read hockey blog in North America (Canada excluded).

LeNoceur started things off with a (gang)bang in this salacious, patently offensive post. In retrospect, he regrets writing it. Frankly, it was extremely unfair…to Kenny Rogers. LeNoc also introduced the phrase “chirpy Quebecois” into the hockey lexicon; Don Cherry has pledged to incorporate it into one of his rants before the year is out.

At about the same time, Raskolnikov “accidentally” leaked word of MYFO’s creation to the powers-that-were at Deadspin. This presented a minor problem, insofar as MYFO did not yet have much of what experts in the blogging field like to call “content.” As a result, Rask was sentenced to a series of tasks as punishment. Although we suspect he rather enjoyed it.

“Raskolnikov’s Error,” as it has become known, had another immediate consequence. In desperation, MYFO launched a “Search for More Contributors,” also known as “unpaid labor.” Although it is not advised, if you take the time to read these submissions, you will see that for the most part we got what we paid for, with a couple of notable exceptions.

It was clear from the outset of MYFO that Weed Against Speed had an unrequited crush on a certain hulking 6’7″ forward in red and green. We were advised, before delving deep into his psyche to discover the origins of his obsession, to send in a canary first. It is dark in there indeed. Dejected, Weed managed to soldier on to introduce the tens of you to BOMBSTACHE as well as the questionable musical tastes of a couple of Wild players.

From another dark place, namely Reasonable Doubt, came another creation: the King of the Cock-knockers. Ladies want him, guys want to punch him in the nose. RD has also proved, time and again, that he brings the bile with the best of them.

Not all of us are hate-filled obsessives. Our very own Sunny Jim, Hextall454, tapped out some love for MYFO’s favorite NHL owner, and as a result wrangled an invite to Uncle Ted’s box, where he met foreign dignitaries and a certain weasel-faced sports league commissioner. Hex also displays a unique sensitivity when it comes to relating to angst-ridden centers.

It hasn’t all been beer and pretzels, though. For every successful Winter Classic liveblog, there was a failed game thread experiment. For every low-budget smash hit like Martin Brodeur’s House Party, there was an Ishtar-level flop like “Choose Your Own MYFO Adventure.” Through it all has persisted the bizarre and continuing popularity of Marc Staal.

Through it all, we have only you the readers to thank for still being here a year later. From the Mystery NHL Employees wasting time at work to the underage girls who pretend to do their homework while liveblogging, we thank all 12 of you. We’ve run out of prizes to bribe you with.


  1. Happy Birthday, you magnificent bastards.

  2. Umm, are you calling me an idiot? I started blogging when our season ended. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

    Happy Birthday!

  3. We launched at the end of the Finals. But we’re not idiots.

    We’re Meatheads.

  4. Happy Birfday, y’all.

    I made you a cake, but I eated it.

  5. @ dani: Well, at least you’re in good company.

  6. *blows party horn, throws confetti*

    Happy Birthday!

  7. True that, lenoceur.

  8. Happy Birthday, you glorious Titwellows.

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