Don’t Look Now.

It’s that time on the Interwebs where every puck journalist and blogger scours the 2008-2009 NHL season for the ten Can’t Miss Games on the upcoming docket.  Regardless of season, you can count on the same boring list from the mainstream media, year after year. 

  1. The season opener (shocker, I know)
  2. Stanley Cup rematch
  3. Any game not played indoors
  4. Matchup of league’s two biggest stars
  5. Hometown hero’s new team coming to old town
  6. Slightly less important hometown hero’s new team coming to old town
  7. Minnesota’s old team vs. Minnesota’s new team
  8. Sidney Crosby
  9. Sidney Crosby
  10. Sidney Crosby

At least Wysh had an inspired choice with Richard Zednik’s return to the ice.  (UPDATE: Wasn’t referring to our PD in the above ‘graph.)

After the jump, MYFO gives you the 10 Must-Miss Games of the 08-09 Campaign.

  1. EDMONTON at COLUMBUS, NOVEMBER 5:  I don’t need a funny reason.  It’s the Oilers and Blue Jackets.  DO NOT WANT.
  2. NASHVILLE at ATLANTA, NOVEMBER 29: Talk about old-time hockey.  Come A-Town to see two of the Original 28 face off in an epic battle of two teams that have woven their way into the fabric of hockey history for decades.
  3. ANAHEIM at CHICAGO DECEMBER 3 – Hawks and Ducks at the United Center.  Coach Savard orders his lackey Campbell to take out young phenom Adam Banks.  Apparently, it’s not worth winning if you can’t win big.
  4. FLORIDA at VANCOUVER, DECEMBER 14: Pavol Demitra scores twice, Jet Lag collects three assists, as Florida travels 2,802 miles to lose.  Hell, they could’ve stayed home to do that.
  5. PITTSBURGH at NEW JERSEY, DECEMBER 26: While you’re at the mall returning crappy gifts, the Penguins are getting destroyed in the Prudential Center.  Sidney Crosby is nowhere to be seen, having gotten hammered for his birthday the day prior.
  6. BUFFALO at TORONTO, JANUARY 1: Way to play hockey with climate control, pansies.
  7. PHILADELPHIA at TAMPA BAY, JANUARY 15:  In what will no doubt be an emotional night for all involved, watch as newly-acquired Flyer Glen Metropolit makes his first of two triumphant returns to the St.Pete Forum, where wore the Lightning colors for one game back in 2002.
  8. PHOENIX at LOS ANGELES, FEBRUARY 21: The always pivotal 4th of 6 (really, 6?) games between these two teams, who at this point will undoubtedly be in a two-team race for the division title.
  9. BOSTON at NEW YORK RANGERS, MARCH 8: According to the schedule gods, the start time for this game is TBD.  Which is short-hand for “you’re going to be late because national television rights have just dictated your Sunday.”
  10. ST.LOUIS at COLORADO, APRIL 12:  Someone get me a paper towel.  It appears that this cup of a game shalt runneth over with playoff implications!

Any others?  Leave them in the comments.


  1. Sidney’s birthday isn’t December 25…oh wait…hockey jesus…that’s smrt….

  2. No AHL Islanders games made the list? What kind of bullsh*t is that??! ;)

  3. that ain’t wishynsky

  4. @ murph: The Isles’ schedule includes 81 Must-Miss Games

  5. Sidney Christ, hammered. Ahahahaha.

    I plan on saving money on booze by avoiding all Vancouver games. I think I have to stop seeing Alexandre Burrows. I hope he is understanding.

  6. How about all games televised on NBC?

  7. OT, but you guys really should take a look and do your spin on the latest post Puck Daddy has on Tampa Bay and their “cursed” billboard. LOL, that has MYFO written all over it.

  8. Hell, they could’ve stayed home to do that.

    So does Vancouver. And I say this as a Vancouver fan.

  9. Dan, are you still going to remain a ‘Couv fan?

  10. “Up and at them!”

    one of the best simpsons characters

  11. I try to avaoid any leafs games around my birthday (as in day of/before/after) since they have a tendency to get hammered on those days. Then again, they are the Leafs…

    /saying this as a Leafs fan

  12. loser domi, I’ll turn 21 right before our home opener hehe!!

    I’d say Zednik coming back to Buffalo.

  13. Too much Pittsburgh in the Puck Daddy post. I’m sorry, but I’m getting sick of seeing Pens shit everywhere.

    I’m looking forward to the Chicago/Buffalo game on January 14th, though. First time Soupy will be playing against the Blue and Gold, and then the obvious Patrick Kane bit.

    Another game I’m looking forward to is the Wild/Devils game on March 20th. Rolston against his old team.

  14. Dan, are you still going to remain a ‘Couv fan?

    Do I have a choice? Hell, even if they somehow convince Messi–uh, Sundin to sign I’d probably watch.

    Are we screwed? So screwed.

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