Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Dan Hinote

I’ll admit it. I am a fan of a lame-ass hockey franchise. But even the lame have to have some standards. Right? Help me out here, people.

The St. Louis Blues are so starved for star power (sorry Chris Mason, but I don’t think you qualify) that they are hyping the marriage of fourth-liner/press box regular Dan Hinote to Amy McCarthy, in an apparent attempt to get some PR mileage out of the connection to her has-been semi-celebriskanky sister Jenny.

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MYFO Answers Other People’s Mail

For those of you who have unhealthy obsession with NHL.com, you may have stumbled across the fact that the league lists 11 players’ official webpages.  (We alluded to this last August.)  Nothing on these webpages are what you would call ground-breaking: (Rick Nash offers awesome downloads!)  And it appears that a certain savior of all hockeykind has some coding to do.  Slacker.  But the one webpage that seems to be firing on all cylinders is that of Carolina Hurricanes wing Justin Williams.

Williams has enjoyed a nice career so far, and is likely spending his off-season figuring out how to take Erik Cole’s spot on Staal’s line after being injured for much of 08, so we can’t expect him to respond to the tens of well, tens of guest book entries the JW faithful have left him this year.

After the jump, we take care of a little correspondence on Justin’s behalf as Justin.

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