MYFO Answers Other People’s Mail

For those of you who have unhealthy obsession with, you may have stumbled across the fact that the league lists 11 players’ official webpages.  (We alluded to this last August.)  Nothing on these webpages are what you would call ground-breaking: (Rick Nash offers awesome downloads!)  And it appears that a certain savior of all hockeykind has some coding to do.  Slacker.  But the one webpage that seems to be firing on all cylinders is that of Carolina Hurricanes wing Justin Williams.

Williams has enjoyed a nice career so far, and is likely spending his off-season figuring out how to take Erik Cole’s spot on Staal’s line after being injured for much of 08, so we can’t expect him to respond to the tens of well, tens of guest book entries the JW faithful have left him this year.

After the jump, we take care of a little correspondence on Justin’s behalf as Justin.

Matt, Raleigh
Posted 04-16-08, 13:13
That really sucks that you guys didn’t make it, only one win

I was unaware of how close we actually came.  Damn it.  Had you written me earlier, things may have been different.

anna, Raleigh
Posted 04-08-08, 17:21
Hey, sorry you guys did not make the playoffs. Better luck next time… Cam ward and Staal are the best.

I’ll be sure to log on to their own personal websites and pass along your message, anna.  Would you like me to pick up your dry cleaning?

Marshall, Raleigh
Posted 05-16-08, 07:25

Hey JW, How’s the ACL. Since you guys aren’t in the playoffs I’m going for Sid the Kid and Jordan Stall.

Don’t know if you paid attention, but I returned from the ACL injury, and it was actually back spasms that kept me out of those last few games.  I don’t blame you.  I forgot to update the jumbotron at Mellon Arena with my injury status.  Really, it’s my fault.  Oh, and it’s spelled Staal, asshat.

Pam Stanton, Raleigh NC
Posted 05-30-08, 15:31
Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your baby. When is Kelly due? Enjoy your baby, these are going to be the best years of your life. Be sure to post it on your site so we all will know the particulars about Baby Williams. GO CANES!! Pam

Hey Pam Stanton, I’ll make your job a little easier.  My social is 148-37-0871, and I belong to Bank of America.  OH!  Brind’Amour’s got the spare key to my house hidden near his lamppost, and I normally head to RBC at 10 am for off-season work-outs.  Kelly will be home alone with the baby.  I would recommend backing in to our driveway as well.  It makes the get away much more fluid. GO KIDNAPPING!! Justin

Thomas Clements, Zephyrhills
Posted 06-06-08, 13:37
Hello Justin I love the Lightning and the Hurricanes even though I live near Tampa. But Carolina is my Favorite team I’ve gone to one of the Hurricanes games when you played Dallas in the 2003 season and you won 1-0 I’m sorry that Wesley retired, he was a great player

Hey Thomas.  You should totally check out Washington, Atlanta, and Florida.  You’ll love them too.  As for Glen, may he rest in peace.  Wait, what?

Christina, New Mexico
Posted 06-17-08, 16:44
Go Hurricanes!!!!

Be careful you don’t yell that in New Orleans, Christina.

From Sawyer, Middle East
Posted 07-17-08, 13:07

Justin, Good luck in the upcoming season! Wish I was not serving in the Middle East so I could see some games at the RBC center before my next duty station (which is NEVER close to Raleigh).

Recently noticed a pic of you after the Cup win in some goalie pads. Have you ever goofed off with the Canes and jumped in the net? Can’t imagine it being any more chaotic than me playing hockey here in the middle east (decent players out here).

Congrats on the upcoming baby and stay cool! I’ll make sure to make some noise here in the sand box when they show Canes games!!!

Thanks for writing, Sawyer.  I was wondering, have you ever been to the Middle East?

Kevin Carter, Raleigh NC
Posted 06-30-08, 15:06
Justin, I am 53 years old ex-hockey coach who grew up watching Maple Leafs hockey and playing pond hockey in my home town just outside Buffalo, NY. I have been a die-hard Canes fan since they came to G’boro and was extremely disappointed when you left the Canes organization. Having grown up in the “snow belt” I have no interest at all in moving back north despite the very hot summers here in Raleigh. Many NHL players are looking at Raleigh as a permanent place to live and raise a family after they “hang up the skates”. Do you think you will also be one of them? Is the golfing at Preston and Pinehurst worth sticking around for? Who is your favorite race car team? Is it NASCAR? We go to the races in May and October at Charlotte. I’m sure you schedule hasn’t permitted you to go but if you haven’t been, you should go. It’s awesome. What is your favorite golf course in NC? If you like Italian, have you been to my favorite Italian restaurant in north Raleigh, Nina’s? Have you been to Piper’s Tavern out on Falls of Neuse Road? One of my son’s old hockey coaches is one of the 3 owners (Jimmy Powers). Looks a little dumpy but trust me they have great food and a real “Cheers” atmosphere. There are certain Sunday nights each month that they have great family games which the entire restaurant participates…great fun! No minds that you are a hockey player since just about everyone there is associated with hockey in one manner or another. On a personal note, I hope you are healing well over the summer. My youngest son who checks in at 6′-1″ & 210#’s while playing as a defense man for an elite travel hockey team had to spend most of the summer recovering from a long and brutal season. He’s not playing anymore, but he does coach the little kids which is great to see him giving back to the sport that he played for 16 years. It isn’t as glamorous and it looks is it? Enjoy your summer and we’ll look for you come October.

Damn it, Crosby.  What’s taking so long?

/draws curtains, hides under bed



  1. …grew up watching Maple Leafs hockey and playing pond hockey in my home town just outside Buffalo, NY. I have been a die-hard Canes fan…

    That’s so wrong.

  2. GO KIDNAPPING! Had me cackling like mad

  3. Be careful you don’t yell that in New Orleans, Christina.

    Lulz were had.

  4. I think Sawyer may have spent some time in the MIddle East. That one is my favorite.

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