Reason No. 256 Why Mats Sundin Can’t Hold Joe Sakic’s Jock

Sure, they played together a couple of seasons as part of the absurdly-talented-yet-comically-unsuccessful Quebec Nordiques (still my favorite NHL ’94 team, despite the frequent goaltending mishaps of Stephane Fiset). And both are members of the fairly exclusive 500-goal club. But since Sundin was traded to Toronto following the 1994 season, they couldn’t be more different.

Forget the rings. Forget the Conn Smythe trophy. Joe Sakic knows how to make up his fucking mind already.

“Ultimately it came down to the fact that I still enjoy playing and competing,” Sakic said in a prepared statement. “I’m comfortable with my conditioning and my overall health. I’m ready for the start of camp and am looking forward to the upcoming season.”

See how easy that is? Do you still like to play? Are you healthy? Do you like lots of money? Three yeses and you’re done.

And, for Sakic, we’re not even talking about vast, ungodly sums. One year, $6 million. Not bad for a point-a-game player who also happens to be, along with Messier and Yzerman, one of the game’s great leaders of the last 25 years. Here are a few other players making $6 million or so this coming season:

— Paul Kariya

— Bryan McCabe

— Patrik Elias

— Patrick Marleau

Yep, I’d take SuperJoe over any of those guys. Especially for one year.

Your move, Mats.

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