Meta: Selling Out, New Feature, Reader Response, and Construction



Evening folks. As Rask points out below (look now! I’ll be here when you come back.), tomorrow begins the season. With that, MYFO is taking the opportunity to kick back into full-speed. We have a few more previews to come out, but heading into the final “Off Weekend”, we’re introducing another new feature, and this one is designed to only pop up once in a while!

Before we get to that, a bit of Meta stuff.: we here at MYFO apologize in advance for any down time we have over the weekend. We’re doing a bit of last-minute pre-season cleaning that we should have done over the summer, but one of us was about as productive as a monkey masturbating with a banana peel over the summer. Not saying who (me) but that person is very sorry for the time that he (I) has (have) wasted. Good lord willing, and creeks not rising, we’ll be new and improved Monday morning, with special treats for everyone!

Also, MYFO started the process of selling out to the highest bidder by joining in on ESPN: The Magazine’s hockey preview. Go comment on their post and tell them how funny we are. We’re selling out more in the near future, but we’ll tell you about that once things are finalized.

And now, after the break, we introduce The MYFO Home Game.

Over the summer, I was contacted by two incredible bloggers, Andy (of Deadspin fame as “Rock You Like an Iracane” and The Arena) and Melissa (of Deadspin fame as “Texas Gal”, later with the Ladies…, then Babes Love Baseball, and most recently from Out in Center Field…long story short she’s a better blogger than the five of us combined). They both had the same problem. They wanted to get into hockey, but they don’t have a rooting interest in any of the teams.

That’s where you come in, dear readers. These two bloggers have been reading your previews, and are gathering their background information. Over the weekend, we want you to send short reminders to to make the pitch to get your team one or two more fans. So get to it! Spend the weekend formulating exactly why these two should pick your team, send in your pleas, and next week, we’ll find out who they chose.


  1. I commented about how funny you guys are, so can I be exempt from actually making an effort at wooing those two to become Sabres fans? :’D

  2. Well, we all know who I am gonna sell them on….

  3. Well, after watching the Caps/Flyers game tonight, I am going to have to say I am converted. I am 100% Danny Briere and the Flyers allt he way from now on.

    Oh wait. Never mind. I’m just drunk and delusional.

  4. That typo was obviously there to emphasize the “drunk” part. Oi.

  5. No Caps!!!! Not Emo Bangs Briere!

  6. Come be a Leafs fan. We have cookies

  7. I suggest rooting for the Colorado Stolen ‘Diques. If you refuse Patrick Roy and his son will introduce your skull to a tire iron.

  8. plenty of room left on Islanders bandwagon!

  9. Can I just convince them to root for one person instead?

  10. movie, they’d probably really enjoy this book, as many familiar characters show up: The Avengers, of course, a daughter of the Red Skull, much of the cast of Thor, not to mention a bunch of supporting characters. And, hey, cities get wrecked once more. I’ve been reading Marvel comics since the 1970s. This reminded me of the kind of story that used to run through all the summer annuals, seemed world-changing during the event, and then was promptly forgotten about by everyone.

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