Release the Hounds, er ThunderBug!

RD is in love.

RD is in love.

Hey everyone, it’s that time again!  No, not to “Remember the Alamo” or perform one of our cute skits.  The season’s starting tomorrow in Prague, which is slightly less dangerous than Bratislava.  I wanted cover the game in person, but with rising Xanax and bourbon costs, the only way I’m crossing the Atlantic is by millions of seagulls.  And I don’t see any giant peaches, do you?  So, I offer this public service announcement.

Sean Leahy, aka Puck Uncle, is hosting a liveblog at Going Five Hole.  For those of us without CBC or Center Ice, this will be our only means of watching the first Rangers/Demi-Penguins Lightning tilt.  Coverage kicks off at 10:45 CT; that’s 11:45 ET for you Easterners who can’t add one hour.  I’ll be there, Wittgenstein take-home test in one hand, penis in the other. 

However, what is there to do for the rest of the day?

*Pops Xanax, pours tumbler of Elijah Craig 12*




  1. it looks like cosplay gone horribly, horribly wrong

  2. Is there an instance when cosplay goes right?

  3. hex you bring up a good point

  4. Well at PAX I saw lotsssss of Cosplayers. I did see a chick dressed as Harley Quinn. She looked awesome. I would put her in the right cosplay category.

    I just got Center Ice but I will be missing the game as I have my Chiefs to see.

  5. I’m totally not like that creepy uncle that watches tee-ball games without having any kids to begin with…

    I swear

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