Shoulda Been You, Coach Therrien

060920_malkin_vmed9pwidec.jpgYesterday, the NHL released the rosters for their All-Star Weekend Young Stars Competition. And just like the Mitchell report, we skipped reading the damn press release and went straight to the names. After all, the rest of the article is just details and filler, right? Rookie game…wide-open scoring…future of the league…probably on Versus…blah blah…got it. I need names, damn it!

Oh God.

We here at MYFO would like to welcome you to our analysis of the Evgeni Malkin Memorial Young Stars Competition. God rest his soul, and shall Hockey Jesus call in a favor to His Father on Evgeni’s behalf in Heaven.

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NHL All-Star Rosters: Fuck You, Detroit.

So the NHL Rosters are out. Who made the cut? Who just barely got shafted out of that coveted starter position, and the contract bonus it comes with? Follow me through the jump and we’ll see which of the rim jobbers in the Motor City made the list, depriving good, hardworking men of a spot on the roster.

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