Former Greats and Scott Young to Collectively Break Hip

Every year around this time, in the midst of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the IIHF holds their annual World Championships.  Why?  We’re not exactly sure.  After all, it’s the best teams of the NHL that make the playoffs, and there’s a damn good chance that they are the best teams because they have the best players.  So why not hold a World Championships which will prove once and for all which country is the best in a tourney of above-average hockey players?  Let’s do it!!!!

This will continue until Korea shocks the world and wins the damn thing.  Richard Park is a Golden God.

But just because national honor is at stake in a series of sub-NHL caliber hockey games doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the sport.  And is there a better way to celebrate the sport than old hockey players playing in an Alumni Game?  After the jump, we look at match-up, forget the names of our grandkids, and fall asleep in front of the TV by 4pm.

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