MYFO’s Open Letter Series: In Which LeNoceur Defends the Honor of Ice Girls Everywhere

Dear uptight bloggers and Internet commenters who start insulting Ice Girls all willy-nilly:

You’ve hurt me, more than words can say. If you’re going to dis Ice Girls, fine, just do it in an orderly fashion, thank you very much. Righteous anger, like one’s concentration during cunnilingus, should be tightly focused. It does no one any good to just start slopping your tongue all over the place.

Ice Girls, especially, don’t deserve this treatment. Ice Girls represent, if not the pinnacle, at least a lofty crag on the mountain of hockey enjoyment. Let me explain: I like sports. I like ladies. These are sportsladies! Hooray! They have my whole-hearted support. But not everyone is such a fan. Continue reading

If A Penguin And An Octopus Got Into A Fight, Who Would Win?

The question posed in the title of this post has confounded biologists for decades (at least the unhinged ones). Now with the Stanley Cup Finals between Detroit and Pittsburgh only one day away, the very same question is presently bouncing inside the heads of hockey fans everywhere as well (at least the unhinged ones).

I did some interweb sleuthing (e-baying and oogling and such) and came across some very interesting information that may help us solve the puzzle of who would win if the mascots for the Detroit Red Wings and Pittsburgh Penguins ever were forced to go mano a mano in a battle for the ages.

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It’s Wild Wednesday!


MYFO, as regular readers know, is all about reader service. And dick jokes. OK, mostly dick jokes. But we also like to do favors for readers when we can. One reader recently offered to pay Weed Against Speed $1,000 if he would refrain from writing about his beloved Minnesota Wild for a month. The reader didn’t say why, but we assume it’s because Weed is just too damned harsh when it comes to ragging on the Wild players.

We don’t know if Weed can make it the entire month without writing about the Wild. Or even until tomorrow. But today, we stand with him in solidarity, and try to help out that generous reader at the same time. The MYFO gang, Weed excluded, will offer their thoughts on their favorite Wild players.

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Comment by wittybanter on February 12, 2008 7:35 pm

I think you guys might be the last people in the country to actually care about hockey.

Let’s count the logical flaws, shall we?

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