Goon of the Week(or so): Kelly Chase

Wait a minute, you’re thinking. Isn’t Kelly Chase retired? How the hell does a retired guy get to be Goon of the Week? He may be retired, but Chase still gets to be the Goon of the Week after his lengthy appearance on a St. Louis sports talk radio show earlier this week. Chase spent his playing career (mostly with Hartford and St. Louis) as an undersized but always game agitator/enforcer, never unwilling to drop the gloves with substantially larger guys. If you don’t remember, or just want to reminisce, here’s a fun clip:

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Goon of the Week: Craig Weller

Craig Weller of the Phoenix Coyotes already held a special place in Goondome for his pursuit and clotheslining early this season of superpest Jordin Tootoo after Tootoo had (surprise!) cheapshotted one of his teammates. I’ll give you that video after the jump, but that’s not why Weller is the Goon of the Week.

No, he earned that honor for a 5-second stretch in a game last Thursday versus the Blue Jackets. As you will see, Weller crushes Rick Nash into the boards, and then runs over another Jacket for good measure. Jackets enforcer Ole-Kristian Tollefsen comes rushing to the scene…only to get met with Weller’s gloveless fist, resulting in a one-punch TKO:

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Goon of the Week: Jody Shelley

The Original Goon

Well, my last couple “Goons of the Week” (fortnight, month, whatever) have featured the bad side of goonery–one of the cheapest of cheap shots ever, and a sneaky coaching maneuver. Today, though, MYFO celebrates the positive side of gonnery, in the person of Jody Shelley. Continue reading

Goon of the Week: Denis Savard

Quebec’s Greatest Male Porn Star

It’s not easy for a coach to be named Goon of the Week. Especially a coach like Denis Savard, a wispy, ice-dancing forward during his NHL career. Although he didn’t invent the move, Savard patented the “spinorama” during his career, mostly with the Blackhawks. Now the head coach of that same team, Savard pulled a move on New Year’s Day that would have made Stu Grimson and Mike Peluso proud. And, considering the game was on the West Coast and televised on the NHL Network (via FSN West), I’m guessing most of you missed it. Continue reading

Goon of the Week: Chris Simon

The Original Goon

This MYFO feature celebrates the scarred, swollen-knuckled bottom feeders of the NHL. Except when it excoriates them. There is a thin line between “enforcer” and “thug.” Who crossed it this week?

It was not a tough choice to select the inaugural Goon of the Week, Chris Simon. If he can stay in the league, we’re sure he’ll win many more. While we hope to eventually select some winners from the Enforcer category (Gary Roberts was the nominee this week for his beatdown of Ben Eager), Simon’s thuggery left us with no choice.

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